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12th March 2022


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Bryvonlea Dam
Bryvonlea Droughtmasters
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Droughtmaster Australia, Your Breed, Your Future

Welcome to Bryvonlea Droughtmasters
Droughtmaster Australia Member 885
Established 1998
Brian & Yvonne Heck
Glastonbury Creek, Qld
email: bryvonlea@activ8.net.au

Bryvonlea is Vet checked J BAS 7

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News Flash : Skye Wilfred progeny breeding on
His son Bryvonlea Rambo produced the top price bull at the 2021 High Country DM Sale
High Country Johnnie Walker sold for $22,500 to Twin Hill Droughtmasters
Congratulations to the Laycock Family

Droughtmaster National Female Sale
Gympie Saleyards

Bryvonlea Droughtmasters
Offered 7 Unjoined Females
Lots 99 to 106 (Lot 103 Withdrawn)

100% Clearance - Average $10,000
Top $18,000 for Lot 99

Thank you to all buyers we with you every success with your purchases.

Click on link opposite for full update on sale.

Age 12 to 19 mths
Sire Verified - Horn/Poll Tested
Tested: Pesti Negative and Pompes Free
Herd Tested - J - BAS 7
Vaccinated: 7 in 1, Botulism, 3 Germ
3 Day Fever Vaccine and Pestigard

Sires Represented:
Billabong Fergus (Lots 99 & 100)
Skye Wilfred (101 & 102)
Redskin Kalahari - first offering (Lots 103 to 106)

Fancy Rianne
LOT 99
Bryvonlea Fancy Rianne (PP)
Sold to Partnership of Seymour and Sommer Studs
$18,000 our top price

2022 National Female Sale
on the 2022 National Female Sale
and Video Links on heifers
Buyers and Prices Updated

2021 Cream of the Crop

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On the 2021 Cream of the Crop Offering

Offered and Sold 8 Unjoined Heifers
Top Price of the Sale Bryvonlea Princess Marigold
Sold to Palmvale Droughtmasters for $13,000
Average $8625.00

Thank you to everyone for your valued support
7 of the 8 sold to repeat buyers.
Palmvale Droughtmasters Lots 8 &13
View Field Droughtmaster Lot 9
Gilmara Droughtmasters Lot 10
Molan Droughtmasters Lot 11 (New)
Seymour Droughtmasters Lot 12
Hamadra R Droughtmasters Lot 14
Tajana Droughtmasters Lot 15

2021 Cream of the Crop Female Sale
Coolabunia, 27th November, 2021

Offered 8 Unjoined Females
100% Clearance
Top of the Sale Bryvonlea Princess Marigold $13,000
to average $8625
Lots 8 to 15
Age 12 to 17 mths

Sires Represented
Billabong Fergus: Lots 9, 10, 11,
Yaralla Stanford: Lots 8, 13, 14, 15
Glenlands Ultimatum: Lot 12

Neogen: Sire Verified and Poll/Horn Gene Tested
Pompes Free
Pesti Tested Negative
7in1, 3 Germ, 3 Day Fever, Botulism, Pestigard

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On the 2021 Cream of the Crop Offering

Bryvonlea Victor
Bryvonlea Victor (PP)
Sire: Skye Wilfred
Dam: Bryvonlea Hallee
DOB: 14/08/19
LOT 453
Our top price $20,000
Sold to RSVP Droughtmasters

DN. BULL SALE 14th & 15th SEPT 2021
(Bryvonlea Sell Late Day 2) CQLX Gracemere

LOTS 452 - 466

DN. 2021 Info
2021 DN. Bull Sale Profiles
and Sale Results

14 average $13,000
Lot 453 sold for our top of $20,000
To RSVP Droughtmasters
Thank you to all buyers and Underbidders
10 of our 14 offered sold to repeat buyers
Agents SBB / GDL and Organising Committee


Bryvonlea Ultimus
Bryvonlea Ultimus
Sire: Yaralla Stanford
Dam: Bryvonlea Gossamer
(Glenlands D Jet Set / Bryvonlea Glossy)
DOB: 18/05/19
LOT 44

Coolabunia Selling Complex, Kingaroy

LOTS 44 - 49

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2021 Bunya Bull Sale Profiles
and Sale Results

6 average $10,166.00
Lot 44 sold for the equal sale top price of $20000.
Thank you to all Buyers and Underbidders
Agents, Organising Committee & Yardmen



2021 February All Breeds Bull Sale
16/02/2021 - Gracemere

Bryvonlea Droughtmasters offered 3 purebred bulls

2 x Skye Wilfred (PP) (Lots 428 and 430)
1 x Billabong Fergus (PP) (Lot 429)

Bryvonlea UdonisBryvonlea Udonis (PP)
Sire: Billabong Fergus
Dam: Bryvonlea Quintessa
Lot 429 FAB Bull

100% Clearance
3 sold to a top of $14,500 to average $12,333

Thank you to new and repeat buyers


Click for FAB Info
on all lots FAB Bull Sale 2021

Droughtmaster National Female Sale
13th March 2021
Bryvonlea offered 8 Unjoined Females
as Lots 32 to 39
100% Clearance to average $6500
Top of our draft was Bryvonlea Delores $15,500

Bryvonlea Dolores
Bryvonlea Dolores (P)
DOB: 5/10/19
Sire: Billabong Fergus
Dam: Bryvonlea Dolly
(Skye Wilfred / Bryvonlea Dollar)
Lot 37 Unjoined Female
Sold to Eljay Droughtmasters $15,500

National Female Sale Info
on 2021 National Female Sale

Bryvonlea Thor
2020 ACM Sire Shootout
Bryvonlea Thor
Placed 3rd in Bos Indicus Class
Placed in the top 6 in the Interbreed Class
Placed in the top 10 People's Choice Award
Thor will be offered 3/4 share & full possession at the
DN. Bull Sale 2020 as Lot 229
Lot 229

DN 2020 Sale
2020 DN. Sale Bulls


Bunya Bull Sale Information
Bunya Bulls 2020

Bunya Bull Sale
5th September, 2020
Coolabunia, Kingaroy Selling Complex
8 bulls catalogued as Lots 13 to 20

100% clearance - 8 bulls averaged $12,187
From $8500 to $17,000
Our sincere thanks to the purchasers of our bulls, the underbidders, agents, sale committee and all involved in making this sale so successful


2020 Spring Bull Sales
Bryvonlea and Bryvonlea JBH

Droughtmaster National
15th & 16th September, 2020
18 bulls late Day One
Lots 229 -246

DN. Bull Sale Information
DN. Bulls 2020

Featured Sires are:

Skye Wilfred
Glenlands Ultimatum
Billabong Fergus (first offering)
Yaralla Stanford (first offering)


100% Clearance
Selling to a top of $34,000
Bryvonlea Thor sold to Lauren Finger
(La Shae Droughtmasters)
14 BHD bulls average $13,143
2 JBH bulls average $7500



Sire's Information
Sire's Reference Page

DN. Bull Sale 2020 Stats


Droughtmaster National Female Sale
Gympie Saleyards

Bryvonlea Droughtmasters
offered 7 Unjoined Females
Lots 76 to 82
Sold all 7 for an average of $5892.85

Thank you to new and repeat buyers
all bidders and underbidders
our agents Nutrien ag solutions
and Sale Committee

The Heifers Sires:
Skye Wilfred
Billabong Fergus
Glenlands D Ultimatum

100% Poll
Tested Pompes and Pesti Free


Bryvonlea Rosannah
Lot 76 National Female Sale
Bryvonlea Rosannah
Sire: Billabong Fergus
Sold for $7000 to D & T Sommer
Dam: Bryvonlea Rosebud (Medway Urie / Bryvonlea Rose)

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on the DN Female Sale Heifers

Bryvonlea JamiaBELL SHOW
29th February 2020
Bryvonlea Jamia
Junior Champion DM Female
Grand Champion DM Female

Sire: Billabong Fergus / Dam: Bryvonlea Jamila
Bryvonlea Uzziah
Reserve Champion DM Bull
Sire: Skye Wilfred / Dam: Haigslea Fleur

Show Information
Show Results

7th March 2020

Bryvonlea Uzziah
placed 2nd in class
Sire: Skye Wilfred / Dam: Haigslea Fleur

Bryvonlea Usman
placed 2nd in class
Sire: Skye Wilfred / Dam: Bryvonlea Molly



Show Results
Show Results


Cream of the Crop Female Sale
Coolabunia Selling Complex

Bryvonlea and Bryvonlea JBH
offered 9 unjoined females

LOTS 24 TO 32


Skye Wilfred (Lots 24 & 26)
Yaralla Stanford (Lot 25)
Needmor Digby (Lot 27)
Glenlands D Ultimatum (Lot 28 to 32)

Wilfred sons have sold to $52,500
Ultimatum sons have sold to $30,000
First offering of Digby and Stanford progeny

100% Clearance
Top of $3000
Average of $2350

Bryvonlea Ivorie
LOT 24 Bryvonlea Ivorie 1732
Sire: Skye Wilfred
Dam: Bryvonlea Ivorie 1089
Sold at the Cream of the Crop Female Sale
Coolabunia 30th November 2019
to K Stevens $3,000

2019 Cream of Crop
Cream of the Crop 2019


2019 DN Bull Sale
Droughtmaster National Bull Sale
CQLX Gracemere
Click Here for more Info
Vet Evaluations - Scans - Dam History - Photos
Pedigree Links

Bryvonlea Sebastian tops our draft at $36,000
100% Clearance
11 bulls average $15,500

A hugh thank you to all successful bidders and underbiddder, agents SBB, sale committee and office staff. We sincerely appreciate your valued support.

Bunya Bull Sale 2019
Bunya Bull Sale
7th SEPTEMBER 2019, 11 AM
Coolabunia Saleyards, KINGAROY
Click Here
100% Clearance
Bryvonlea Tyson tops the sale at $14,000
4 BHD average $9625 and 3 JBH average $5666

Thank you to all successful bidders and underbidders, agents and the sale committee we sincerely appreciate your very valued support.

Droughtmaster National Female Sale
Gympie Saleyards

Bryvonlea & Bryvonlea JBH
Offered 10 Unjoined Females
Age 16 to 20 mths

BHD LOTS 72 to 78
(lot 76 withdrawn she had 3 Day early in prep)
100% Clearance Average $2583
Our top, Bryvonlea Halina (Glenlands D Ultimatum)
Lot 78 sold for $3500
to Ironhide Droughtmasters

Others sold to Bullen Farming, Falls Gully, and Jemcar Droughtmasters, we sincerely thank you as well as all bidders and agents for your valued support.

JBH LOTS 119 to 121
100% Clearance to average $2420
Thank you to Falls Gully, K & S Stevens and Bullen Farming

Sires: Skye Wilfred (2)
Vale View Ripper (5)
Medway Urie (2)
Glenlands Ultimatum (1)

Information on 2019 DNF Sale
National Female Sale Lots

Bryvonlea Halina
Bryvonlea Halina
Lot 78
Sire: Glenlands D Ultimatum
Dam: Bryvonlea Hallee
The top of our draft of 9 unjoined heifers
Sold to Ironhide Droughtmasters $3500

Thank you

9 heifers average $2527.00

Cream of the CropFemale Sale
24th November, 2018,
Bryvonlea will offered 8 Unjoined Females
Lots 9 to 16
Ages 14 to 17 mths
Sires: Medway Urie (4)
Vale View Ripper (2)
Skye Wilfred (2)

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On Cream of the Crop Lots

Vaccinations: 3 Germ, 3 Day, 7 in 1, Pestigard and Botulism
Tested Pompes Free and Pesti Negative
J-BAS 7 - WA Eligible

Cream of the Crop 2018
Cream of the Crop Heifers 2018, Lots 9 to 16

Bryvonlea Rolleston
Bryvonlea Rolleston
sold to Huntly Droughtmasters
for $52,500
Sire: Skye Wilfred
Dam: Bryvonlea Susette

2018 Droughtmaster National Bull Sale

Bryvonlea 2nd tops the 2018 DN. Bull sale

Bryvonlea Rolleston
A 29 mth old Skye Wilfred son out of Bryvonlea Susette
sold to Mackay & Co, Huntly Droughtmasters
for $52,500
Thank you Sam Barton

100% Clearance
11 Bryvonlea BHD averaged $15363.64
2 Bryvonlea JBH averaged $8000

Thank you to all bidders and underbidders for your valued support

Full Report
Full Sale Report

Droughtmaster National Bull Sale
11th & 12th September, 2018
*Day 1 at the end
Lots 289 to 300
*Day 2 very early
Lots 309 to 310
DN. Bull Sale Information
on the DN. Bull Sale 2018

Bunya Bull Sale

1st September, 2018, 11am
Coolabunia Selling Complex
Via Kingaroy
Lots 69 to 75

Bunya Bull Sale Info 2018
on the Bunya Bull Sale 2018

Bryvonlea RamboBryvonlea Rambo (PP)
LOT 289 DN. 2018
Sold to High Country Droughtmasters
for $15,000

Semen Motility
Semen Morph

Click Here to View Video
Youtube video Link

Bryvonlea Ripper
Bryvonlea Ripper
LOT 69 BUNYA 2018

Semen Motility
Semen Morph

Ripper sold to Stonebridge Droughtmasters
for $11,000


We would love to see you

To View The Entire Sale Draft

Droughtmaster National Bull Sale
11th & 12th September, 2018, Gracemere
*Day 1 at the end
Lots 289 to 300 *Day 2 very early Lots 309 to 310

DN. Bull Sale Information
on the DN. Bull Sale 2018
(regular updates)

Bunya Bull Sale
1st September, 2018, 11am
Coolabunia Selling Complex, Via Kingaroy
Lots 69 to 75

Bunya Bull Sale Info 2018
on the Bunya Bull Sale 2018
(regular updates)


Bryvonlea Philipa

Bryvonlea Philipa takes out the Interbreed Junior Champion Female award after being awarded the Junior Champion Droughtmaster Female at the 2018 Gympie Show. The week befor she placed 5th at Beef 2018 and earlier in the year placed in her class at the Gatton Futurity.

An outstanding young female by Skye Wilfred out of the Vale View Ripper daughter Bryvonlea Pipar going back to Wingfield Rocket.

Show Success Page
Click Here for more show results

Bryvonlea Edian
Bryvonlea Edian
Lot 21 DNF Sale
Sold to Ridgee Didge Droughtmasters
$8000 - Top priced joined Female & 3rd top overall.
Thank you to repeat and new clients, bidders, underbidders and agents

Droughtmaster National Female Sale
10th March 2018
Gympie Saleyards

100% sold to a top of $8000
Average $4250

Lots 21 &23
3 Joined Skye Wilfred daughters
Lots 27 to 31 (Unjoined)
Sires: Wilfred, Ripper, Riley & Urie

Bryvonlea JBH
Lots 45 to 47

Celebrating 20 years of stud breeding as
Bryvonlea Droughtmasters

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2018 DN. Female Sale Draft

Bryvonlea RolexBryvonlea Rolex
TOPS THE 2018 FAB SALE AT $19,000
EMA: 132 P8/RIB: 14/14 SC: 42 DENT: 0
SEMEN: CS 85% MORPH: 80%



LOT 271 Bryvonlea Rolex
Sire: Skye Wilfred
Sold for top price of $19,000
To Terry & Catherine Piggott
Aldinga Droughtmasters

LOT 273 Bryvonlea Riley
Sold $3000 to Lucas Cattle Co.

Thank you to the Piggott family and Lucas Cattle Co, all bidders, underbidders and ageents for you valued support.


Click Here
Details of bulls on offer FAB 2018

Cream of the Crop 17
Cream of The Crop Lots 52 &57

Cream of the Crop 2017

Bryvonlea have catalogued 10 Unjoined Females
Lots 52 to 61

Sires Represented:
Skye Wilfred
Billabong Riley
Vale View Ripper
Medway Urie

These young, well grown females come with recognised pedigrees within the Droughtmaster Breed. Aged from 15 to 19 mths of age they represent the diversity of the Bryvonlea Breeders. Please click on the link below to view photos and history on the complete 2017 Cream of the Crop draft.

2017 Cream of the Crop Info
2017 Cream of the Crop Profiles


Droughtmaster National Bull Sale
100% Clearance Average $8115.00
Very happy considering we were the last draft Day 1


12th September 2017

Bryvonlea JBH Lots 280 to 282
Bryvonlea BHD Lots 320 to 330
Sires:Skye Wilfred
Vale View Ripper
Billabong Riley
Average age 23mths
Average EMA: 131.5

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on the Bryvonlea 2017 DN. Sale Draft

Bryvonlea Royal Sky
Bryvonlea Royal Sky (P)
DOB: 3/11/15
SIRE: Skye Wilfred
Dam: Bryvonlea Princess Mary Elizabeth
LOT 320 DN.
Sold to Wolfang DM $17000

2017 Bunya Bull Sale
2 nd September
Coolabunia Saleyards
Via Kingaroy

Bryvonlea Sold 2
LOTS 66 & 70
Lots 68 & 69 Withdrawn (due to us having flu)

Vale View Ripper
Billabong Riley

Click Here For Full Details
on the 2017 Bunya Sale Draft

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Bryvonlea Rifle
Bryvonlea Rifle (P)
DOB: 18/11/15
LOT 66 Bunya Bull Sale
Sire: Vale View Ripper
Sold to By-Mingo Droughtmasters
$11,000 equal second top price

Vale View Ripper Sold
at the Joppa Dispersal
Ripper returns to his place of birth at
Vale View Droughtmasters
Vale View Ripper
Vale View Ripper

Click here
Thank you Dave, Colleen & Mac
so relieved and excited for Rip
Thank you to SBB Rural Co and underbidders
for your valued support

No further semen sales available from Bryvonlea
All previous sales of semen with rights have been reserved by Bryvonlea as per semen sales advice.
Any queries about these please call us at Bryvonlea.

Bryvonlea Gratzia
Bryvonlea Gratzia
one of many of retained daughters by Vale View Ripper
This one is from our Grace female line.

At 9 years Ripper tested 75% Morphology and his herd of 50 females recorded a near 100% positive pregnancy Test during a prolonged dry spell spending the summer on the steep section of our Golden Hills block.
Sound as a bell with a bomb proof temperament
He has always been a standout in the paddock
and he will be sadly missed
But very grateful that his life goes on at Vale View
Thank you Ripper for what you did for Bryvonlea
Click Here
Vale View Ripper


National Droughtmaster Female Sale

11th March 2017
Gympie Saleyards

Bryvonlea and Bryvonlea JBH
Lots 4 and 5 Cows and Calves
Lot 45 JBH Unjoined
Lots 57 to 60 Bryvonlea Unjoined

Information on all lots
Information on all DNF Sale Lots

Top priced cow and Calf $5000
sold to True Blue Droughtmasters


Bryvonlea Gracie
Bryvonlea Gracie
LOT 4 Droughtmaster National Female Sale 2017
Female Calf at foot by Medway Urie PTIC 2mths
Sold to True Blue Droughtmasters $5000
Top priced Cow and Calf

2017 Gatton Futurity

Bryvonlea Royal Sky
Reserve Senior Champion Bull

Bryvonlea Suzie
3rd Heifer 13 mths & under 16 mths

Bryvonlea Swan 2
3rd Heifer 18 mths & Under 20 mths

Breeders Group
Placed 3rd with Skye Wilfred Progeny

We took 4 of Skye Wilfred progeny

Thank you to the society staff, organisers and sponsors
Thank you WFI Insurance for your Reserve Champion Trophy

Bryvonlea Royal Sky
Bryvonlea Royal Sky
Placed Reserve Champion Male
2017 Gatton Futurity

Bryvonlea Quadell
Lot 466 February All Breeds 2017
Sold to Lonemark Droughtmasters

Princess IslaBryvonlea Princess Isla
Lot 60 National Droughtmaster Female Sale 2017
Sire: Skye Wilfred - Dam: Bryvonlea Princess Isabella

Bryvonlea QuadeBryvonlea Quade (P) PB (can be registered)
LOT 465 February All Breeds 2017
Sold to Redskin Droughtmasters

100% Clearance

2017 February All Breeds
15th February

Bryvonlea offered Lots 465 to 469

Sires: Vale View Ripper (Lots 464, 465, 469, 471)

Billabong Riley (Lot 466)

Bryvonlea Nash (Lot 468)

Click Here
February All Breeds details

Thank you to all buyers and bidders and agents
We appreciate your support and wish you every success with your purchases

Cream of the Crop Female Sale
26th November 2016
Coolabunia Selling Complex, Kingaroy
Bryvonlea Offered
6 Unjoined Purebred Poll Heifers
Lots 9 to 14

Vale View Ripper
Medway Qzac

100% Clearance
Top Price for the Cream of Crop Section
Lot 13 Bryvonlea Eddwina $7000 to Nindethana
Our draft achieved the top average of just short of $5000
Thank you to Summer Investments, Calco Droughtmasters, M & R Brooks and Bronwyn, Michael and Jackson of Nindethana Droughtmasters.
Your support is greatly appreciated and we wish you awesome results with your breeding programme.

Click here for more information
2016 Cream of Crop Results

Bryvonlea Edwinna
Bryvonlea Eddwina
Lot 13 Cream of the Crop 2016
Sold to Nindethana Pastoral
$7000 (top price unjoined female)
Thank you: Michael, Bronwyn and Jackson and the underbidders

13th & 14th September, 2016
QCLX Selling Complex Gracemere

DAY 1: JBH LOTS 31 - 33

DAY 2: BHD LOTS 402 - 404

DAY 2: BHD LOTS 470 - 476

SIRES: Vale View Ripper, Medway Qzac, Billabong Vermouth Billabong Riley, Bryvonlea Nash

Click Here
on the DN. Bull Sale


100% Clearance
Thank you to all purchasers of Bryvonlea Genetics
We sincerely appreciate your support
And look forward to hearing about your breeding results

Bryvonlea QuartermasterBryvonlea Quartermaster
Lot 472 DN. 2016 Bull Sale
Sold to Kenlogan Droughtmasters

3rd August, 2016
Coolabunia Sale Complex, Kingaroy.
11am Start
Meet and Greet - Fri. 2nd Sept
Bull Inspections from 3pm - Food & Refreshments from 5pm
www. bunyasales.com.au

7 Bulls as Lots 7 to 13

3 Reg bulls and 3 Herd Bulls as Lots 14 to 16
Quantico Bryvonlea Quantico (P) DOB: 22/09/14
Lot 7 Bunya Bull Sale
EMA: 126 - P8/Rib: 15/12 - SC: 34.5
Milk Teeth
Sold to the Hills Family $6500

Bunya Bull Sale

Click Here
On each Bunya Sale Lot
BHD 100% Clearance
6 Average $4580

Thank you to all buyers and bidders for your valued support

2016 Show Season
Bryvonlea show at just a few select shows each year
This year we have a young team and hope to attend:

Gatton Futurity

Gympie Show 13 & 14th May


Show Results
Show results

Bryvonlea Richie
Val Evans sashes Bryvonlea Richie
2016 Gatton Futurity

Droughtmaster National Female Sale
Gympie Saleyards

10am Saturday, March 12th, 10am

Bryvonnlea offered 7 Unjoined females

Lots 57 to 63
100% Clearance Avg $3178

Sires: Billabong Riley & Vale View Ripper

Lots 9 & 10 Withdrawn (Joined Females)

Thank you everyone for your valued support
We look forward to seeing the results of your breeding
with these heifers.


DNF Sale heifers 2016

More Information Click
and sale results



Average $6000
Top and Second Top of the Droughtmaster Section

Lot 208 - Bryvonlea Pete 13/12/13 (Billabong Riley)

Lot 209 - Bryvonlea Payback 16/10/13 (Vale View Ripper)

Bryvonlea Pedro - 22/09/13 (Medway Qzac)


Click Here



Bryvonlea Pete
Bryvonlea Pete
Sire: Billabong Riley - Dam: Bryvonlea Petula (Glenlands D Jet Set)
Top priced droughtmaster bull 2016 F.A.B bull sale

28th November 2015

LOTS 19 TO 24
Average $2875
Equal top price of $5500 for Lot 24
sold to RJ Nicholls

Thankyou to all purchasers and bidders
May you achieve great results with your purchases

Click Here More Info on Cream Of Crop

Bryvonlea Faith 2
Bryvonlea Faith 2
Bryvonlea Outback Lot 18
Bryvonlea Outback
Lot 18 - Day One DN Bull Sale
SC 37, Dent 2, EMA 139 P8/RIB 17/14
SOLD $11,000

2015 DN. Bull Sale
15th & 16th September
CQLX Gracemere
Day One 12 Bryvonlea Bulls
Lots 18 to 24 & 230 to 234
Day Two 3 Bryvonlea JBH Bulls
Lots 337 to 339

DN. Sale Bull Info


Age 23 to 31 mths
Average EMA: 132
Average SC: 38

100% clearance
Top price $11,000
Average $6100

Bryvonlea Panther
Bryvonlea Panther
Lot 22 Bunya Bull Sale
23mths 682kgs, SC 39.5, Dent 0, EMA 131. P8/Rib 14/14

Annual Bunya Bull Sale

5th September, 2015
Coolabunia Selling Complex
Via Kingaroy

Lots 21 to 25
Reserve Champ Pair of Bulls
Bryvonlea Lots 23 & 24

SOLD 100%
5 Average $6000
(Top average for the Sale)
Our top of $7000 for Lot 24
sold to Kengoon DM
(equal 2nd top price for the sale)

Thankyou buyers and underbidders for your continued and valued support, we wish you every success with your purchases

More Info on Bunya Bulls

Wilfred Semen Sale

Semen sold at auction to Ena Pastoral
$450 per straw


Bryvonlea Delica
Bryvonlea Delica
Lot 60
Droughtmaster National Female Sale
Sold to repeat buyers Col and Libby Beasley

Thank you to all buyers, bidders and agents.
Your support is greatly appreciated.

7 Reg Unjoined females
Droughtmaster National Female Sale
Gympie Saleyards

14th March 2015

Lot 59 - Bryvonlea Lana 2nd (VV Ripper)
Sold to: Terry Family
Lot 60 - Bryvonlea Delica (Billabong Riley)
Sold to: C & L Beasley
Lot 61 - Bryvonlea Patrese (Billabong Riley)
Sold to: M Laird
Lot 62 - Bryvonlea Edina 2nd (VV Ripper)
Sold to: N & J Skerman
Lot 63 - Bryvonlea Fair Skyes (VV Ripper)
Sold to: The Woods Family
Lot 64 - Bryvonlea Whitney (VV Ripper)
Sold to: C Hennis
Lot 65 - Bryvonlea Jalah (VV Ripper)
Sold to: C & L Beasley

More Info on DNF Sale



February All Breeds Bulls For Sale

Bryvonlea top 2015 Feb All Breeds Sale
$8500 Bryvonlea Old Red
by homebred sire
Bryvonlea Lancelot
100% Clearance

8 Reg Bulls
Wed 18th Feb 2015
CQLX Gracemere
Lots 304-311

100% Clearance

Bryvonlea sold the Top Price Droughtmaster Bull
and equal top price over day 2

Lot 305 Sold to Ambleside DM Bryvonlea Old Red $8500
by the homebred sire
Bryvonlea Lancelot
(3 Lancelot sons avg $5500)

8 Lots Average $4688

Click Here FAB Results


Lot 305
Bryvonlea Old Red
Weight: 778 kgs
EMA: 125
P8/RIB: 13/12
SEMEN: 85%

Sold to Richard & Adele Acton Ambleside Droughtmasters

Bryvonlea Old Red
Bryvonlea Old Red - Lot 305 Feb All Breeds 2015

More Info


More Info Click Here

7 Registered Unjoined Females


Fancy Delica
Bryvonlea Fancy Delica
Lot 60
Droughtmaster National Female Sale 2015

Lot 60

Bryvonlea Delica (P)
DOB 19/08/14 (18mths)
Sire: Billabong Riley
Dam: Bryvonlea Fancy Delight

A very attractive heifer from one of our best female lines.
Dam is 4 yrs old and has had 2 heifers 19/08/13 and 2/08/14
Logic for parting with this heifer "dam is young with another outstanding heifer at foot by Riley". An opportunity not to be missed.


Skye Wilfred
Skye Wilfred

Pedigree Link


Skye Wilfred (Lot 464)

Purchased DN. Bull Sale 2014

2nd top price


The sire power in this 21 mth old Skye Quebec son out of a strong Aldinga cow line inspired our "skye's the limit" bidding duel.
We loved his strong polly head, length, carcase attributes and bone together with his impeccable underline.

Stats: Weight 854 kgs, EMA 138
Fats 8/6, Scrotal 43 cm. Morph. 79% Milk Tth

More Info

Cream of the Crop Female Sale
29th November 2014
Thank you everyone for your support

By Proven Sires:-

Vale View Ripper
Billabong Riley
Billabong Vermouth

The Maternal Strength of:-

Fairhaven 07/001
Bryvonlea Patsy
Bryvonlea Glossy
Bryvonlea Fancy-Babe
Bryvonlea Fancy-Lea
Bryvonlea Pippa

Sale Info

2014 Cream of the Crop Female
Sold 6 Unjoined Heifers

for an average of $1500

Lots 60 to 65

W Pauljer Lots 60 & 64
C & L Beasley Lots 61 & 63
S Corbett Lot 62
W Avis Lot 65

Thankyou to all buyers, repeat buyers and underbidders
We appreciate your support and wish you every success

Droughtmaster National Sale

Click Here for Droughtmaster National
Bull Sale Results
100% Clearance
10 bulls average $7000
Thank you to all successful bidders
underbidders and agents.
and a special thanks to our wonderful family

Droughtmaster National Bull Sale

Purchase Lot 464

Skye Wilfred

2nd top priced droughtmaster bull sold at auction in 2014



Bryvonlea Nimrod
Bryvonlea Nimrod sold $17000 to Hamadra Droughtmasters

View More Details of DN Bulls Click Here

Bryvonlea Nimrod

Lot 153

Sold $17000
Thank you to
Hamadra Droughtmasters
to all bidders
underbidders and agents

SIRE: Vale View Ripper
DAM: Bryvonlea Trinity

DOB: 9/03/12
WEIGHT: 933 kgs
SEMEN: 70%
EMA: 140
P8/RIB: 13/11
SC: 41.5

Droughtmaster National Sale 2014
More Info

Bryvonlea Nickson
Bryvonlea Nickson - DN. Lot 154
Sold to Boongulla Grazing $5500
Bryvonlea Option One
Bryvonlea Option One - DN. Lot 36
Sold to Huntly Droughtmasters $15000

Bunya Bull Sale

More Info

Bunya Bull Sale
6th August, 2014
Coolabunia Saleyards
Via Kingaroy
Lots 70 to 80 (Lot 79 WD)
100% clearance
Affordable Quality 10 Avg $3200

Joshua Heck

Congratulations Joshua Heck

2014 Qld Young Auctioneer

Joshua Heck

Winner of the

2014 Queensland Young Auctioneers
held at the EKKA
will compete at the National Finals
at the 2015 Sydney Royal Show

Well done Son



Bryvonlea Susette

Bryvonlea Susette's paternal sisters sell Sat 8th March at the
Droughtmaster National Female Sale
Preview below

Photo courtsey Bronwyn Betts

Bryvonlea Susette
Champion Heifer
Gatton Futurity

Sire: Vale View Ripper
Dam: Bryvonlea Susanne
dam of Bryvonlea Malachi the Champion Bull at Gatton Futurity 2012, purchased by Bronwyn and Michael Betts, Nindethana Pastoral in 2012.

5 of 7 entered placed

Droughtmaster National Female Sale

8th March 2014

Gympie Saleyards

Sold equal top priced joined heifer
Bryvonlea Charisse Lot 41 to Palmvale Droughtmasters

Click Here for Results

Bryvonlea Brand
by heck they're good

Bryvonlea Ndale
Bryvonlea Ndale

2014 Feb All Breeds Results

Bryvonlea sold 3
for an average of $4000

A very difficult market
considering drought and
the cattle market in general
Less than 50% of the overall
droughtmaster bulls catalogued sold for an average around $3000 with a top of $7000

View FAB Sales Details Click Here

Cream of the Crop 2013

Female Sale Results

Bryvonlea Olivia
Lot 68
Bryvonlea Olivia (P)

Sold to Wirraway DM

Bryvonlea Janice 2
Lot 64
Bryvonlea Janice 2 (P)

Sold to the Beazley Family

Click Here to View Cream of Crop 2013 Sale Results
Bryvonlea Brand
by heck they're good

Bryvonlea Nehemiah
Bryvonlea Nehemiah

Stuart Valley Droughtmasters
Thank you to Vince & Howard Knopke

Sale Top Price $10,000

Click here to view Pedigree Link



D & G South Burnett Bull Sale
Coolabunia, 7th September, 2013
Lots 42 to 49

100% Clearance
Sold Top and 2nd Top Price



Click Here to view D & G Sale Results

Bryvonlea Brand
by heck they're good


Click Here to View 2013 Droughtmaster National Bull Sale Results

100% Clearance
11 bulls Average

Quality at Affordable Prices

Bryvonlea Brand
by heck they're good

Female Sale Catalogue

Bryvonlea Tops the Sale
Rips the Record
Breaks the Average
Click Here to View Our Ripper Girls

Bryvonlea Jemma 2
Bryvonlea Jemma 2
(Sire VV Ripper)

Record Priced DN. Sale Female
Sold to Preston Richardson $18000
Congratulations and Thankyou to Preston
on your purchase of all 4 Bryvonlea Females
Also toping and breaking the Record Average for the DN. Female Sale
Jemma 2 placed Reserve Champion Heifer at the Gatton Futurity

Pedigree Link

February All Breeds Bull Sale
Wednesday 20th February
Offering 2 Quality 2 year old bulls as Lots 477 &478

Bryvonlea Manolo
Bryvonlea Manolo
enjoying the sunshine and green pastures 16/02/13

The pastures behind him were under water in the flood
Lot 477 Feb All Breeds
EMA: 133 Fat: 9/7 Semen: 80% SC: 39

Sold to Jeff Dahl
Top Priced Droughtmaster FAB

Click Here for Pedigree

Bryvonlea Magnus
Bryvonlea Magnus

LOT 478 Feb All Breeds
EMA: 125 Fat: 11/9 Semen 80% SC: 37

Sold $4000

Click here to view details on both bulls

Click Here for Pedigree

SIRE OF BOTH BULLS: Billabong Riley made his mark in 2012 being the sire of the top priced female $5750 and top average for sale heifers at the National Female Sale while at the Droughtmaster National Bull Sale his progeny made $15000 twice to average $8550. He is a very fertile, sound in structure and carries a big weight in working condition. We have used sons in our herd and are very happy with the results.
Semen for Sale RSVP Online Semen Sale 15th June

Bryvonlea 2013 Calendar

February All Breeds
Bull Sale
Gracemere Wed 20th Feb
Sold 2 Quality Bulls
Bryvonlea Manolo
To View more Click on pictures

Bryvonlea Magnus
To View more Click on pictures

Lots 477 & 478

Results Click Here

Sat. 2nd March

Gatton Futurity

Bryvonlea Norris
3rd bull 9/13mths

Bryvonlea Nickson
4th bull 13/16 mths

Bryvonlea Fancy Lovelace
2nd heifer 9/13 mths

Bryvonlea Jemma 2
1 st Heifer 16/18 mths
Reserve Champion Heifer

Bryvonlea Janalie
1st Heifer 18/20 mths

National Female Sale
Sat. 9th March
Sold 5 Unjoined
16 to 18 mths
First of Vale View Ripper

Bryvonlea Heifers

Lots 162 to 166

To View Results
Click Here

Gympie Show
16th & 17th May

Droughtmater Feature Show
24th & 25th May

RSVP Online Semen Sale
15th June
Billabong Riley
Vale View Ripper (first release)
Billabong Jackson
Glenlands D Jet Set

To View Sire's Reference Page
Click Here

Bryvonlea Open Day
On Display sale bulls, Females & Sires
Visitors always welcome
ring and make prior arrangements


Stud Cattle Judging

8th August

D & G
Sth Burnett Bull Sale

Coolabunia Saleyards

7th September

Rockhampton National Bull Sale
Gracemere Saleyards
17th September

Offering Quality Affordable Bulls
ready to work
2013 Sale Bulls en route to sale preparation

RSVP Golden Opportunity
Female Sale
Gympie Saleyards
5th October


Cream of the Crop
Female Sale

30th November

YEAR 2012
Looking Back

2012 South Burnett
Cream Of The Crop Sale

Click Here to View Results

2012 CQ Emerald Spring Female
Droughtmaster Classic Sale

Click Here for More Details
On CQ Females

2012 Droughtmaster National Bull Sale

100% Clearance - Average $8555.50
From $2,500 to $17,000

Sires Represented:-

Mungalla Tyrell (first of his progeny)

Billabong Riley - Sire of the 2012 National Female Sale Stars
(Top price and top average)

Glenlands D Jet Set - Sire of our top 2011 sale bull

Buy Heck Bulls quality at a reasonable price

Click Here for DN.Sale Results

Thank you to all who contributed to our sale success
Your support is greatly appreciated

Bryvonlea Malachi
Bryvonlea Malachi - Lot 420 DN. 2012
Click Here to view Malachi Page

Sold to Nindethana Pastoral $17000.00

Bryvonlea Lancelot
Bryvonlea Lancelot - Lot 503 DN. 2012
Click Here to view Lancelot Page

Sold to Scrubby Mountain Grazing $15000.00

Beef Week 2012
Brian & Joshua Heck at Bryvonlea Open Day during 2012 QCL Beef Week
with DN. 2012 Sale Bulls in background

Photo courtesy Queensland Country Life
Your support is greatly appreciated

South Burnett Droughtmaster Bull Sale

Coolabunia Saleyards, Kingaroy

25 August, 2012

Bryvonlea Droughtmasters 100% Clearance

Click Here for Sale Results

Thank you to all buyers and bidders
your support is greatly appreciated

Bryvonlea Magnify Lot 76
LOT 76
Our Top Bull - Bryvonlea Magnify sold to R Cotter $5000
Sale & Show Results 2012

Results Gympie Show 2012

Bryvonlea Malachi (Bull 18mths & under 21mths)
*Junior Champion Droughtmaster Bull
*Grand Champion Droughtmaster Bull
*Champion Junior Interbreed Bull

Bryvonlea Morella (Female 12mths & under 15mths) *Placed 1st

Bryvonlea Danielle2 Female 15mths & under 18mths
*Reserve Junior Champion Droughtmaster Female

Bryvonlea Fancy Amali (Female 30mths & over) *Placed 2nd

Exhibitors Group - 2nd

Bryvonlea Malachi
Judge Shane Bishop and Bryvonlea Malachi paraded by Tennille Hughes

Click Here to view Malachi Page

Bryvonlea Malachi
Bryvonlea Malachi

Beef 2012

Bryvonlea Malachi - 2nd

Gatton Futurity 2012

Bryvonlea Malachi
Supreme Droughtmaster Exhibit

Gympie Show 2012

Bryvonlea Malachi
Champion Droughtmaster Bull
Jnr Champion Interbreed Bull

Droughtmaster National Female Sale

10th March 2012

SOLD 4 Unjoined Females
Achieved Top priced female and Top Average

Bryvonlea Nathalie 3
Bryvonlea Silk
Bryvonlea Ileen

Sold to River Junction Dm

Bryvonlea Pentone
Sold to Hazelwood Dm

Thank you to all
Buyers, Bidders, Agents, Sale Committee, DM Staff and
You are greatly

Bryvonlea Natalie 3

Bryvonlea Nathalie 3 - Lot 60
Placed 3rd at the Gatton Futurity 2012
Sold to River Junction $5750
Top Priced Female at 2012
Droughtmaster National Female Sale

Click Here
For Details

Bryvonlea Malachi
Bryvonlea Malachi
Grand Champion Exhibit Gatton Futurity 2012

Sire: Mungalla Tyrell

Dam: Bryvonlea Susanne

DOB: 20/09/10

Malachi placed 2nd at the 2011 Gympie Show and won Reserve Junior Champion at Woodford 2011

Click Here to View
Bryvonlea Malachi Page

Results Gatton Futurity
3rd March 2012

Bryvonlea paraded 6 head befor judge Glen Perrett and took home 7 ribbons

Grand Champion Droughtmaster
Bryvonlea Malachi (Bull 16 & under 18 mths)

Malteze (Bull18 & under 20 mths) 3rd

Morella (Heifer 9mths & under 13mths) 3rd
Danielle 2 (Heifer 13mths & under 16 mths) 4th
Pentone (Heifer 16mths & under 18mths) 3rd
Nathalie 3 (Heifer 18mths & under 20mths) 3rd
Breeders Group 3rd
2nd highest overall points score

Past Events

February All Breeds Bulls

SOLD 2012

LOTS 408 - 415

AVG $4786

Click here
For Details

Thank you to all bidders and agents for your valued support

Lot 414 sold to
Jeff & Sue Trott for

Bryvonlea Lockyer
Bryvonlea Lockyer - Lot 412
Sold to Redskin Droughtmasters


Thank you to:

SH & SK Apel
Talgai DroughtmasterStud
F Kleier
Thornleigh Graz
C & K Wilson
Kurrajong Past
Jersey Plains
E & H Matthews
Munda Station

We wish you well with your purchases

Bryvonlea Laurie

Bryvonlea Laurie
Our top price of $9500 sold to Talgai Droughtmaster Stud

Click Here For Pedigree
Click Here For Details of DN Sale Bulls 2011 Thank you for the support of all bidders and agents it is greatly appreciated and gratifing to see new and repeat support.
Click here for details of Coolabunia Bull Sale 2011 Bryvonlea Lachlan top price of $6000
sold to Jeff & Sue Trott



Bryvonlea Princess Marianne placed 3rd


Bryvonlea Susanne - Reserve Senior Droughtmaster Cow
Bryvonlea Princess Marianne - Reserve Junior Droughtmaster Heifer
Bryvonlea Malachi - 3rd Bull under 12 mths
Bryvonlea Fair Star - 3rd heifer under 12 mths


Bryvonlea Malachi - Reserve Junior Champion Droughtmaster Bull
Bryvonlea Princess Marianne - Junior Champion Droughtmaster Heifer
Bryvonlea Malteze - 3rd Bull Calf under 12 mths
Bryvonlea Fair Star - 2nd Heifer 12 to 15 mths
Bryvonlea Auriel - 1st Heifer under 12 mths

Bryvonlea 2010 Highlights

Top priced unjoined droughtmaster heifer at the Gold City Female Sale
100% Clearance at Spring Bull Sales
Bryvonlea Princess Mary - Grand Champion Droughtmaster Female @ 2010 Brisbane Royal Exhibition
Bryvonlea Princess Mary - Reserve Champion Droughtmaster Female @ 2010 Woodford Show
Bryvonlea Joker - Senior Champion Droughtmaster Bull @ 2010 Gympie Show
Bryvonlea Elisha daughter Araketa Cleo - Grand Champion Droughtmaster Female @ 2010 Toowoomba Royal Show
Bryvonlea Jupiter - Top priced Droughtmaster Bull at 2010 February All Breeds Sale

Thank you for visiting Bryvonlea Droughtmasters

Bryvonlea Droughtmaster Stud is owned and operated by Brian & Yvonne Heck and their children Leanne, Tennille and Joshua.  Bryvonlea Droughtmasters commenced in 1998 with the purchase of stud females from the Coolalinga Dispersal Sale and heifers from the Droughtmaster National Female Sale in Gympie.  An AI program was run in the first few years using droughtmaster semen from Billabong Ramses and Wingfield Rocket. 

In 2001 we purchased Stud Sire Billabong Jackson.  He was selected for his structural soundness, overall length, depth, muscle pattern and wonderful temperament. He joined the Coolalinga females along with females from Haigslea, Halcyon, Kandanga, Glenlands, Sylvan Springs and Billabong giving the stud a broad base of genetics.

We are looking to breed good quality, functional droughtmaster cattle with stringent selection for conformation, fertility, breed character and temperament.  The wonderful attributes of the droughtmaster breed's sleek, tick resistant and heat tolerant coat are a must in our hot, parasite prone area.

From the beginning Bryvonlea Droughtmasters has been involved in promoting the droughtmaster breed through shows, field days and Assessment Schools.  It was though our attendance at one of the first Gympie Droughtmaster Handling Schools that we actually joined the Droughtmaster Society and went into breeding droughtmaster stud cattle.  Prior to this we had run a small commercial droughtmaster herd. 

Bryvonlea Droughtmaster Stud is situated in the Upper Glastonbury Valley, Via Gympie, Queensland, Australia.

Read more about Us here>

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